Substance Use and Violence Prevention

WSCS is funded by the NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports as a Primary Prevention Service. We implement Evidence-Based Programs in substance use and violence education and prevention to youth in grades K – 8 as well as Positive Alternative Programs at our community center on Vermont Street. 

Currently, we deliver the following programs in schools and community settings. For more information about having these programs delivered at your site, please call us at (716) 884-6616 or e-mail our Director of Prevention at

Take home activities you can do as a family!



Too Good for Drugs ~ Grades K – 8

  • Setting Reachable Goals

  • Making Responsible Decisions

  • Bonding with Pro-Social Others

  • Identifying and Managing Emotions

  • Communicating Effectively


Too Good for Violence ~ Grades K – 8

  • Providing opportunities for pro-social involvement

  • Establishing positive norms including healthy beliefs and clear standards

  • Promoting bonding to pro-social peers

  • Increasing personal and social skills


Second Step

Second Step is a program rooted in social-emotional learning (SEL) that helps transform schools into supportive, successful learning environments uniquely equipped to encourage children to thrive. More than just a classroom curriculum, Second Step’s holistic approach helps create a more empathetic society by providing education professionals, families, and the larger community with tools to enable them to take an active role in the social-emotional growth and safety of today’s children.


keepin’ it Real

keepin’ it REAL (kiR) is a scientifically proven, effective substance use prevention and social and emotional competency enhancing program designed to focus on the competencies linked to preventing substance use and abuse. 


CATCH My Breath ~ Nicotine Vaping Prevention Curriculum

CATCH My Breath is an evidence-based program shown to significantly reduce the likelihood of vaping in the year following program implementation.






WSCS is a founding member of Px21, a coalition of Erie County prevention providers. Visit the Px21 website for great information and resources on speaking with your child and family about substance use and violence.