ABOUT West Side Community Services


Our Mission

West Side Community Services fosters the stability, security, and well-being of our vibrant and dynamic community by engaging, connecting, and supporting its residents.


Our Vision

We will be the organization that advocates for opportunities and generates possibilities for all people in our community, at every stage and from every walk of life.


Our Values

Innovation, Co-Creation, Empathy and Belonging, Inclusion, Impact



We are…

  • Curious, creative, and continually evolving.
  • Proactive, responsive, and resourceful—stepping out boldly to meet the community’s ever-changing needs.




  • Recognize no one person has all the answers, or even knows all the questions.
  • Work in community, maintaining honesty and transparency.
  • Actively seek to build bridges, expand our networks, foster open communication, and create an environment where the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.


Empathy and Belonging


  • Seek to create an atmosphere where everyone feels seen, and heard, and understood.
  • Listen deeply, avoid assumptions.
  • Let go of our own egos and agendas, honor the lived experiences of everyone we touch, and advocate for those we serve.



We seek to…

  • Create an equitable organization where everyone feels welcome, supported, respected, celebrated, and safe.
  • Lift all voices, particularly those of people who have traditionally been marginalized.
  • Represent a vibrant and diverse community in all aspects of what we do.
  • Engage with cultural humility and sensitivity.
  • Respect the past, honor the present, and embrace the future.



We are…

  • Committed and resilient; striving to maximize all our available resources to improve lives of those we serve and achieve the greatest possible community impact.



We See Community Strength.

Founded in 1978, West Side Community Services serves the residents of the Niagara District with education, prevention, and recreation programs and services. We pride ourselves in being a safe space to play, learn, and grow for West Side youth and families. Many of our participants have been part of our “West Side Family” for generations.

The West Side is growing and changing rapidly. Nestled in the heart of one of America’s most diverse neighborhoods, we work hard to ensure we remain engaged, responsive, and relevant so we can celebrate and support the strengths of our entire community for generations to come.

Our Facilities

West Side Community Services operates the only full-service community center in the Niagara District. The facility includes a gym, a fitness room, the Stay and Play Children and Family Center (playroom), a kitchen and cafeteria, a computer lab, an art room, and an outdoor multisport court (basketball, volleyball, tennis). We welcome many local community organizations to utilize our building for events, activities, meetings, and more. If you are interested in touring the facility or discussing building usage options, please call us at 716-884-6616! (Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate personal rentals such as birthday parties and showers.)


Please note: We are not providing community summer meals this year. Summer meals are only available to children enrolled in our summer camps.


Nearby sites that are providing summer meals:

1. Asarese Matters Community Center at 50 Rees Street - lunch provided Monday-Friday from 12-1 p.m.

2. Belle Center at 104 Maryland Street - lunch provided Monday-Friday from 12-1 p.m.