Adults & Families

WSCS offers a variety of afterschool and Saturday morning programs that separately introduce kids ages 6-12 & teens ages 13-20 to new things, sometimes interesting, sometimes challenging. These activities help all youth develop a talent or a skill that is ignored by regular schools, widen their areas of interest, meet others who share their interests and make new friendships, find protection from destructive habits like alcohol, tobacco and drugs, burn up their excess energy, and explore their creativity.

What does it look like for families?

School-aged participants receive homework assistance and tutoring help with subject work and special projects. Participants have access to Co-working Space computers for on-line learning (i.e., Rosetta Stone for ESL) and research. Participants learn age-appropriate leadership skills through group-based games, recreational and team sports as well as a variety of board and video games.

What does it look like for families?

School-aged participants need to acquire age-appropriate money concepts so they can learn how to apply academic knowledge to becoming financially self-sustaining. WSCS is developing an annual calendar of workshops designed to encourage their entrepreneurial thinking and foster understanding of budgeting, giving back, investing, saving, and spending wisely. Available curricula includes Wells Fargo Hands on Banking™; workshops have included Gig Building, Junior Achievement, KidBiz, and RecycleBicycle.

What does it look like for families?

A Family Membership gives you access to our gym! Stationary Bikes, Treadmills, Free Weights, Rowing Machine, Benches and All In One system.

Open Hours are Monday-Friday

8:30am-3:00pm (Adults)

5:30pm-7:30pm (Adults & Teens)

It’s no secret that the developing brains and growing bodies of our kids and teens are in danger. Good healthy habits are critically important for youth who understand the importance of preventing a lifetime of chronic illness. These habits become the “positive alternatives” that support the improvement of skills in the areas of emotion, socialization and social behavior. WSCS partners with Independent Health Foundation to bring Good For The Neighborhood to the center four times a year.

What does it look like for families?

Participants K-12 gain information about the benefits and risks of certain behaviors, re-form attitudes based on that information, and learn behavioral skills that will help them resist the temptation to engage in risky behavior. WSCS delivers Second Step and Too Good For Drugs/ Too Good For Violence evidence-based curricula to classes and groups of youth, in schools and at the center. These class-based workshops are designed to help youth improve skills in the areas of emotional, social and social behavioral skills.



We offer a variety of after-school and Saturday morning programs that introduce youth ages 6-19 to new things.
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A variety of programs for adults and families. Looking to get fit, learn new skills, prepare for college or the workplace.
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We provide information & access to educational resources, member-only transportation services, and specialized fitness programs.
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