Help us enhance education, financial capability, health & wellness, and prevention of substance abuse and violence.

Yaileen Kren-Colon, a 7th grader, has been a part of the WSCS After-school Enrichment program since first grade.

I go to WSCS because it is a great option for afterschool. I made many friends with other kids and the staff. From boxing and playing football to building a bike and a garden, I have acquired many different skills. The staff always help me with my homework and they’ve helped me develop my leadership skills. I was chosen to represent WSCS at the 2014 Community Leadership Institute in Cincinnati. I love going to the center! It is a great place for me to learn and further develop myself in a fun envi-ronment.”

Afterschool partners include:
          • City of Buffalo Community Police Officers
          • Daemen & D’Youville College volunteers
          • Grassroots Gardens
          • GOBike Buffalo

$420 provides 10 months of afterschool enrichment for a student like Yaileen.

Annual Scholarship Appeal

West Side Community Services enhances education, financial capability, health & wellness, and prevention across the lifespan for a diverse membership through activities and programs that identify and build on the strength in our community.

Our After School Programming

WSCS offers a variety of afterschool and Saturday morning programs that introduce youth ages 6-20 to new things, sometimes interesting, sometimes challenging. These activities help youth develop a talent or a skill that is ignored by regular schools, widen their areas of interest, meet others who share their interests and make new friendships, find protection from destructive habits like drugs and alcohol, burn up their excess energy, and explore their creativity.

Our Annual Scholarship Drive

With your financial help, WSCS will continue providing Afterschool Enrichment, Extended Hours, and Prevention activities and programs that enhance education, financial capability, health & wellness, and prevention of substance abuse and violence… for all West Side kids and teens, regardless of their ability to pay for membership or programs.

This is why we need your help.
Your donation keeps the WCSC open to all!

Please consider funding one student for one year!
Or for one semester! Or for one week!

We will gratefully accept any donation!
You can help keep these students enrolled in a safe and supervised learning space.

We thank-you so much.

Funding Levels

Full Year Scholarship Donation: $420

At this donation level you support one student in our afterschool progam for one school year (10 months).

One-Semester Scholarship Donation: $210

At this donation level you support one student in our afterschool progams for one semester (5 months).

Scholarship funder: $100

At this donation level you join others in keeping our after school programs available to kids & teens – no matter their family’s ability to pay!

Other Donation: $ ?

We thank you!

WSCS knows that giving any amount requires some level of sacrifice but the good news is that, collectively, all of your donations impact our community. So be proud of the difference you are making. We thank you for even considering a donation. We’re local; we’re accountable (audited every year); we’re an official 501(c)3 registered charitable organization; we’re efficient (100% of our funding is used for programming and administration).

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