1st Annual WSCS REMARKABLE West Sider Awards!

2017 REMARKABLE West Sider Awards

West Side Community Services announces the inaugural REMARKABLE West Sider Awards (Sunday luncheon 12 March 2017 @ Resurgence 1250 Niagara Street 1-4 PM). Purchase tickets at the EVENTBRITE WEBSITE under DETAILS (to your left!)

West Side Community Services is proud to announce that our very first round of Remarkable West Sider Awards will go to the following adults:
• STEPHANIE COLE ADAMS – in “community” for her remarkably innovative and tireless leadership in reclaiming the Massachusetts Avenue Park through such initiatives as “Blanket the Park.”
• COMMUNITY POLICE OFFICERS Jeanan SHARPE & Joe SZAFRANSKI – in “unity” for their remarkably compassionate and enthusiastic interaction with West Siders of all ages, but particularly kids & teens
• JOHN STARKEY, PRINCIPAL @ LAFAYETTE HIGH SCHOOL – in “empowerment” for his remarkably humble and personal example of investment in an assets-based approach to building community through education

Additionally, WSCS is conducting a community-wide nomination process for REMARKABLE West Side Teens. Individuals and organizations working with teens ages 13-19 are invited to nominate a teen who is remarkable in one of six categories: collaboration, community, diversity, empowerment, excellence or unity.
• Nominations forms can be obtained from director@wscsbuffalo.org and are due back to the same email on or before 2/20/2017 (or faxed to 716-884-6639). Teen awardees will be selected and announced on or before 2/27/2017.