ABOUT West Side Community Services

Our Mission

West Side Community Services fosters the well-being of the vibrant and dynamic West Buffalo community by engaging, connecting, and supporting its residents.

Our Values

Innovation, Inclusion, Collaboration, Effectiveness, Humility

We see community strength.

Founded in 1978, West Side Community Services serves the residents of the Niagara District with education, prevention and recreation programs and services. We pride ourselves in being a safe space to play, learn and grow for West Side youth and families and many of our participants have been part of our “West Side Family” for generations.

The West Side is growing and changing rapidly. Nestled in the heart of one of America’s most diverse neighborhoods, we work hard to ensure we remain engaged, responsive and relevant so we can celebrate and support the strengths of our entire community for generations to come.

Our Facilities

WSCS operates the only full-service community center in the Niagara District. For more information about and photos of the facilities and rental options, please click HERE.